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A video playlist to help get your Cliniko account up and running quickly!

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You've just created a Cliniko account but where do you go from here and how do you launch your new trial successfully 🚀? It might seem overwhelming but in this video series, we'll walk you through some recommended steps to setting up your Cliniko account information and settings. This way, you can quickly start booking patients and (hopefully) living your best life 🙌!

We recommend you log in as an Administrator to complete these tasks.

Topics we'll cover:

Have any questions or need some help while setting up your account? At any time, reach out to our support team 💬. They're always here to guide you and get you back on track.

General settings

You have the ability to customize your Cliniko account to your business and your needs. We've added some default services, communication templates, and settings in the account to help get you started but feel free to edit or use these as you see fit.

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Business information

Similar to your General settings, when you first joined Cliniko, we automatically added some basic details into the business information area. However, you may need to update or add additional information — such as your website address, business license & registry number, or contact details (for example your parking information).

You also have the option to select the services that the business provides, enable & disable certain display settings for online booking, turn on or off reminders, and upload an individual business logo.

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Users & practitioners

Let's make this a party 🥳! We'll begin by inviting additional users and practitioners into our account and send out welcome emails. Each user can be assigned a role according to the level of security access they need to have. Of course at any time, you can immediately kick someone out of the party by setting their account to inactive.

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Tax and payment types

When invoicing within Cliniko, we’ve added some default tax and payment type options to get you started. If your clinic charges a different tax rate or accepts additional forms of payment, you’ll want to add some additional tax and payments types which are specific to your practice.

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Billable items and products

With our custom payment types and tax types created, we can now set up the prices for your services, add products, and set-up any items that you might add to an invoice.

Just note, instead of creating your billable items or products manually or individually, you can also use the Data import tool within your Settings to add them all at once 🙌!

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Treatment and form templates

Treating your patients? Cliniko makes it easy to create customised treatment note templates, including our pre-built body charts or your own customised body chart templates. Your treatment note templates can include unique questions that fit your specific needs, along with different answering options (like short text, paragraph, multiple choice, and text box). You also have the option to create ‘default answers’ that will help get your forms completed quickly.

But what about details directly from your patients? We got you covered 🙌! You can also create customised form templates in order to collect patient info before they show up for an appointment. You can use them for conducting client surveys, signing consent forms, sending out questionnaires, or whatever else you might need.

When you’re ready to send a form to your patients, just include the link to the form in your patient communications, and that’s it.

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Communication templates

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Appointment types

With your communication templates, and treatment notes set up, you’re able to select which appointments should send reminders and confirmation emails. And if you ever need to, you have the option to disable appointment confirmation emails for different appointment types or individual patients.

If your practice offers virtual appointments, you’ll need to create telehealth appointment types and billable items for your telehealth appointments.

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Online booking

We don't want you tied to phones all day to book an appointment, if you’d like to offer your patients the convenience of scheduling appointments through your website instead of calling your clinic, you’re now ready to set up your online bookings.

First, you’ll want to make sure your business locations and practitioners are enabled to receive bookings online before ‘turning on’ the function. Then you’ll just need to select which appointment types will allow online bookings and you’re all set!

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Import and transfer data

Need to transfer or import data? If you’ve already been using Cliniko and you need to transfer your data over from a different account, take a look at this help guide to learn how.

If you have been using different software, we’ve created different guides to help you get your info into Cliniko as painlessly as possible. Select your previous system from the link below to learn the steps you need to take.

If you don’t see your previous system listed, you can still use our free import tool to quickly add your patients, contacts, billable items, and products.

All imports will require you to use a CSV spreadsheet. If your system exports your info to an Excel file, you can easily switch it to a CSV by going to ‘File’, then ‘Save As’, and then select the ‘File Type’ as ‘.csv’. Once you have your data in a CSV file, you can then import your patient info into Cliniko. To make your transfer go as smoothly as possible, make sure you have headings on each column in your spreadsheet.

If needed, you can delete an import within 48 hours of creating it, so long as you have administrator access.

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Cliniko subscription

After following all the steps in this guide, you should be well on your way to getting the most out of your Cliniko account. At least, we sure hope so 🥺!

If you’re still in your free trial, please keep exploring and discovering all the ways Cliniko can make your life easier. Then, when you’re ready (or when your trial is up), you can head to the settings tab to set up your payment info.

If you’re unsure which subscription plan you’ll need, just choose the one that fits your needs now. You can always change your plan later if you need to.

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Looking for additional video tutorials, tricks, and tips? Check out our Cliniko YouTube channel.

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