In some cases, you may prefer to call the people who come into your clinic "clients", and not "patients". Cliniko makes it easy for you to make the switch! 🌟 

Rename "Patients" to "Clients"

Head to Settings, and then General settings:

Under Terminology, change "Patients" to "Clients":

Save the settings, and from this point forward, you'll see "Client" used throughout Cliniko! Some examples include, but are not limited to:

The Clients page:

The Dashboard:

The Payments page:


And pretty much anywhere you would have seen the word "patient" in Cliniko! 



The placeholders will still say things like {{Patient.FirstName}}, but this won't affect anything. The placeholders will still pull in the correct information, because Cliniko knows that "patients" and "clients" are the same thing!

☝️ Note: Currently, the only two terms you can have are "Patient" or "Client". You won't be able to add your own, or customise those terms, unfortunately!

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