Rename "Patients" to "Clients"

You can switch the term "patient" to "client" in Cliniko.

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In some cases, you may prefer to call the people who come into your clinic "clients", and not "patients". Cliniko makes it easy for you to make the switch! 🌟 

Rename "Patients" to "Clients"

Head to Settings, and then General settings:

Under Terminology, change "Patients" to "Clients":

Save the settings, and from this point forward, you'll see "Client" used throughout Cliniko! Some examples include, but are not limited to:

The Clients page:

The Dashboard:

The Payments page:


And pretty much anywhere you would have seen the word "patient" in Cliniko! 



The placeholders will still say things like Patient.FirstName, but this won't affect anything. The placeholders will still pull in the correct information, because Cliniko knows that "patients" and "clients" are the same thing!

Currently, the only two terms you can have are "Patient" or "Client". You won't be able to add your own, or customise those terms, unfortunately!

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