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Setting up your Cliniko account

New to Cliniko? Learn how to set up your account!

Managing user settings

Are other admin staff or practitioners going to be using your Cliniko account? Learn how to set them up and manage their permissions.

Booking appointments

Book appointments for your patients, schedule your hours, and learn all sorts of nifty stuff about appointment management.

Patient management

Add patients to your Cliniko account, manage their settings, and more.


Use Cliniko's telehealth feature to have online-based, video chat appointments with your patients.

Invoicing & payments

Create invoices for your patients, process payments, and integrate Cliniko with your Xero account.

Refunds & account credit

Learn how to refund a patient, manage prepaid funds, and more.

Writing patient notes

Write treatment notes for your patients—you can mark up body charts, as well!

Switching to Cliniko

Here you'll find comprehensive guides that will walk you through the steps of migrating data from your existing practice management system to Cliniko!

Patient forms

Create secure forms to send to your patients, which they can fill out and submit back to you, all online.

Time zone management

If you see patients in time zones outside of your clinic's local time, read the guides in this section!

Let your patients book online

Allow your patients to book appointments from their computer, mobile phone, or tablet!

Products and expenses

Enter expenses and sell, manage, and update stock levels in Cliniko.


Get details on your appointments, finances, patients, and more.


Your data is already super-duper secure in Cliniko, but there are extra measures that you can take to lock things down even further!


How your data is stored and handled in Cliniko and how we comply with data and privacy regulations.

Cliniko Community

The Cliniko Community is a safe and private space that lets you connect with others working in healthcare to discuss important topics, including all things Cliniko and more.