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Create billable items for telehealth appointments
Create billable items for telehealth appointments

Set up specific items and prices to go along with your telehealth appointments.

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If you're offering telehealth appointments, you may want to create unique billable items—this will help to keep track of how well those teleheath appointments are performing! 

We'll walk you through the following steps:

Create a telehealth billable item

To get started, head to Settings, and then Billable items:

Select Add service or Add other:

Give it an item code (if applicable), a name (we recommend including the word "telehealth" or "online" in the name, as it will help for keeping track of revenue), and a price:

Create the billable item—that's the first step completed! 🙌 

Link the telehealth billable item to the related telehealth appointment type

Now that your billable item(s) are created, it's time to link them up with the relevant appointment types.

Head to Settings, and then Appointment types:

Select the appointment type from the list (anything that's teleheath-enabled will be indicated by a flag):

Under Related billable items, select the applicable telehealth billable item(s):

Repeat this process for all of your telehealth related billable items and products (if applicable). Save the settings—step two is completed! 🎉 

Show prices in online bookings

If you want the prices of your telehealth appointments in online bookings, head to Settings, and then Online bookings:

Under "Show prices", make sure it's turned to On:

Save your settings! Step three is complete.

How it will look on invoices and online bookings

A huge reason to have telehealth-specific billable items (and appointment types) is to make it easier for both you and your patients to know what's what!

When you link a telehealth billable item to its related appointment type, it will automatically show up on invoices for these appointments—it reduces a little step, which is manually selecting/adding the item to the invoice once it's created.

The patient would then see something like this on their invoice:

On the online bookings page, patients will see the price right next to the services that are offered:

If you're wanting to give your patients the ability to book telehealth appointments online (and pay for them at the same time), head over here!

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