Enable telehealth appointment types

Turn on the "telehealth" setting in each appointment type so your patients can access their video with you.

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If you want to offer appointments as telehealth bookings, you'll need to make sure the relevant appointment types are "telehealth-enabled". This guide will walk you through the steps!

Enable telehealth appointment types

Head to Settings and then Appointment types:

It might be worth creating appointment types that are only for teleheath consultations—this way, it's easy to keep track of what's what! For example, you might have a regular standard appointment, but creating one called "Online consult (Standard)" will make it very easy to differentiate between the two.

You can either create a brand new appointment type or edit an existing one from the list:

Fill out the details about this appointment type!

Scroll down to the bottom. Under where it says Turn on telehealth for this service, switch it to "On":

Update the appointment type, and that's all you need to do! 🙌 

Now, on the calendar, any appointments that are telehealth-enabled will have a button to Join video call at the top:

Pressing that button will open up the call for that appointment (and only that appointment). 

Head over here for additional telehealth resources!

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