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Set up different email addresses for patients to reply to
Set up different email addresses for patients to reply to

Set up different email addresses for your patients to reply to.

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When you email a patient from Cliniko, it'll be important for them to know that the message (whether it be an appointment reminder, invoice, letter, or something else) has come from your clinic.

While all emails that you send through Cliniko are technically sent "from" Cliniko, your patients will see the name of your clinic as the sender. When they reply, their response will go to the email address you've set up—and if you have multiple clinics, you can specify different "reply to" email addresses for each one!

Set your default "reply to" email address

By default, your account will have one default "reply to" email address. This can be set set up or modified by going to Settings, and then General settings:

On that page, under Communication, you'll be able to set up the address you'd like all outgoing emails to default to:

Emails received by your patients would look something like this:

When they reply, those replies will be sent straight to whatever you have set up as your default address.

If you have multiple clinics, though, and want to route replies to different inboxes depending on where the emails are coming "from", we'll walk you through that below!

Set unique "reply to" addresses per clinic

This will all be done through each clinic's unique business settings. Head to Settings, and then Business information:

Select the business you want to add the unique "reply to" email address to. 

On the business page, you'll be able to enter the address:

What the patient sees in their inbox will be the clinic's name "via" Cliniko—in the example above, they would see an email from "Getting Healthy (via Cliniko)". 

Any replies will go to the address you've put into the "Email reply to" field.

Want to learn more about all the different things you can email directly from Cliniko? You can send automated appointment reminders, confirmation emails, letters, invoices (to patients or third parties), and account statements!

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