Add a new location to your calendar

Add a new business location so that you can book patients in at more than one place!

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You can have an unlimited number of locations on your Cliniko account, no matter which plan you're on. Setting up locations is super easy. 👌 Each location will have its own appointment calendar, and the reports (invoices, payments, and expenses, for example) are per location. 

Keep in mind that patients will be shared amongst all locations. Patients are not "assigned" to a particular location within Cliniko.

There are three key components of adding a new location and being able to book patients into it:

Step one: add a new location

Head to Settings, and then Business information:

Click the Add business button:

Fill out your business details:

There are a lot of different fields on this page—we'll break down what each of them mean!

  • Business name: pretty self-explanatory. This is the name of your business, and it's what patients will see on their invoices, in appointment confirmations and reminders, and on the online bookings page.

  • Display name: this is for "internal" use only, and is beneficial if you have multiple clinics that have similar names and addresses. For example, you may run/work out of a franchised clinic called "The Best Clinic"—but you split your time between four physical locations, all called "The Best Clinic"! Adding a "display name" to the business settings will allow you to easily differentiate between each of these clinics when looking at the calendar, scheduling your availabilities, or other "admin-type" tasks.

  • Address: again, pretty self-explanatory! Patients will see this address in any appointment-related communications, on their invoices, and on the online bookings page.

  • Business reg. name/business reg. number: these fields are not mandatory, but you can use them to include your ABN (for example), or any other sort of business "registration"-type information.

  • Website address: this isn't mandatory, but feel free to put a link to your website here! It'll show up at the tail end of your online bookings page as a "Back to website" link—if a patient clicks it, they'll be brought to whatever URL you put here. If you include a "website" placeholder in any of your communications, this is what will show up.

  • Email reply to: this is an optional field. If you send emails from Cliniko (letters, invoices, appointment confirmations, etc.), and you'd like patients to reply back to an email address that is not the "main" one (which you would have set up in your account settings), you can put a different address here.

  • Contact information: this is optional, but it would be a good spot to include specific clinic-related information—such as a phone number, parking instructions, or directions.

  • Services that the business provides: you can choose which services you offer at each location, whether they're the same or different. For example, you might not always offer the same services at each clinic. Maybe you work out of two different clinics, and only one of them has a pool in which patients can book time in for aquatic therapy. You'd tick the box for your "aquatic therapy"-related service only at the clinic that offers it. There's more on this here!

  • Display this business in online bookings: only applicable if you have online bookings enabled! You can select "yes" or "no" depending on whether or not you want patients to be able to book themselves in online at this particular location.

Once you're all finished, be sure to hit the Create business button at the bottom! That's step one, completed!

Keep in mind that if you plan to include this location in your online bookings, you'll need to have the full address filled out.

Step two: make practitioners available at this location

Adding the new location is just one piece of the puzzle. Now that you've done that, the next step is making practitioners available at this location (otherwise you won't be able to book any appointments!).

Practitioners can set their schedule at this new location up on their own, or administrative staff can do it for them. This tutorial covers how to set this up if you're an Administrator.

Head to Settings, and then Users & practitioners:

Select the practitioner you want to work with, and edit their practitioner settings:

Then, scroll down to Practitioner availability. Under Choose a business, select the new located that you've just added. You will notice that none of the tick boxes next to the days of the week are selected. Tick the boxes next to the days that they will be working, and set up their hours (adding breaks if need be):

Click the Update practitioner button, and the practitioner will now be available at this location! Repeat this process for all practitioners who will be seeing patients at this location.

Step three: viewing the new location on your calendar

Head to the Appointments page, and select the new location from the drop-down menu:

When you select this, you will now see the open times for this new location, and you can start booking appointments in!

If you get a message stating There are no practitioners allocated to this business!, this means that step two (setting up the schedule for each practitioner who would be working there) did not get completed properly! Repeat that step, ensuring that the practitioner's days and times are selected for this location, and that should do the trick!

Now that you have multiple locations, you might be wondering how to send email or SMS reminders or confirmation emails that have the appropriate information for each clinic. Enter "placeholders"—learn more about those over here!

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