Make a user inactive

Prevent a user from accessing your Cliniko account.

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We don't specifically let you delete a user completely from your database (that could get very messy, and we hate messy). However, if a user or practitioner leave your practice, you can make them inactive. This means that they cannot log into Cliniko at all—but you can still access all of their historical information.

Make a user inactive

Head to Settings, and then Users & practitioners:

Select the user you wish to make inactive. Select No under the active user field:

Click the Update user button, and you will be prompted to verify your password:

Now, they won't display in your list of users and practitioners unless you tick the Show inactive users box, where you'll see their name as faded, with a big red "inactive" sign next to it!

Once a user is inactive, they will not be able to log in at all. They can try a billion times and still won't be able to access Cliniko! We highly recommend making a user inactive if someone is leaving your clinic.

If that someone is a practitioner, don't forget to check your subscription plan at Settings → Our clinic → Cliniko subscription to see if you can downgrade your plan size.

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