Make a user inactive

Prevent a user from accessing your Cliniko account.

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We don't specifically let you delete a user completely from your database (that could get very messy, and we hate messy). However, if a user or practitioner leave your practice, you can make them inactive. This means that they cannot log into Cliniko at allโ€”but you can still access all of their historical information.

Make a user inactive

Head to Settings, and then Users & practitioners:

Select the user you wish to make inactive. Select No under the active user field:

Click the Update user button, and you will be prompted to verify your password:

Now, they won't display in your list of users and practitioners unless you tick the Show inactive users box, where you'll see their name as faded, with a big red "inactive" sign next to it!

Once a user is inactive, they will not be able to log in at all. They can try a billion times and still won't be able to access Cliniko! We highly recommend making a user inactive if someone is leaving your clinic.

If that someone is a practitioner, don't forget to check your subscription plan at Settings โ†’ Our clinic โ†’ Cliniko subscription to see if you can downgrade your plan size.

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