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Upload your own body chart templates
Upload your own body chart templates

Use your own images or diagrams for body charts!

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While Cliniko will provide you with several default body chart templates, you can also upload your own images and diagrams, as well!

This article will walk you through how to:

You will need to be a power receptionist or administrator to upload templates.

Add your own body chart templates

Head to Settings, and then Body chart templates:

Click the Add template button:

Give your template a name, and then upload your file (you'll need to have it stored on your computer somewhere):

Your template will need to be in PNG or JPEG format. If your template is in a different format and you're not sure how to convert it, let our support team know, and we can help out!

Once uploaded, you can then use your own templates in your notes—learn more about that here!

Have more questions on body charts? Our support team can help! Just use the little chat bubble in the lower-right to talk to us! 💬

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