Set up billable items

Create billable items to add to your invoices.

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Before creating an invoice for a patient, you'll need to have billable items set up. These are the items that you will add to an invoice, and they will total the amount that the patient owes!

You can add as many billable items into Cliniko as you need to, and you'll then be able to select any one of them to add to an invoice.

Already have a spreadsheet of your billable items? You can also import your billable items directly into Cliniko without having to individually or manually add each billable item!

Set up billable items

First, head to Settings, and then Billable items:

Click on the Add service or Add other button:

Fill out the details for your new billable item:

You're not required to set an item code or tax if it's not applicable to your billable item!

Add in concession prices if you need to, and then hit the Create billable item button. 

And that's it! Now you'll be able to add this billable item (as well as any others) to an invoice for a patient. When you create an Invoice, you'll be able to add as many as you need.

Another cool thing you can do with billable items is relate them to appointment types, which makes the invoice creation process more efficient!

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