Add required questions to patient forms

Require that certain questions in your patient forms be mandatory.

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If you're using secure patient forms, one thing you may wish to do is require that certain questions be answered. By default, when setting up forms, no questions will be mandatory— but you can easily change this!

Add required questions to forms

Head to Settings, and then Patient form templates:

From there, either select an existing template, or create a new one. To enforce required questions, simply make sure that you change the setting to "Yes" under Required:

By default, when you add a new question, it will default to required. If you don't want this, you can simply switch it to "No".

Save that template! Now, if your patients miss one of those required questions when filling out the form, they'll be prompted to complete it before submitting:

Setting questions as "required" should help to ensure that patients aren't accidentally submitting blank answers.

If you'd like to know more about patient forms, head over here!

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