Add a logo to online bookings

Include your logo on your online bookings page.

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Want to add a little more oomph to your online bookings page? 💃 You can add your own logo!

Here's a video overview of the process:

Add a logo to online bookings

By default, the online bookings page will display the name of your business as you have it set in your general settings:

If you want to add your own logo, though, there are just a couple steps to follow.

It will be handy to have your logo file handy somewhere on your computer—such as your desktop or documents folder—so that you can find it easily when you're ready to upload!

First, head to Settings, and then Online bookings:

Find where it says Logo image, and click the Choose file button:

Select your logo file and upload. Save, and if you go back to your online bookings settings, you'll see that your logo is uploaded:

When you then go to to your online bookings page again, you'll see the logo at the top (and patients will, too!):

That's all you need to do! For more information on setting up and customising online bookings, head over here.

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