Disable appointment confirmation emails

Don't want to send booking confirmation emails out? Turn them off for appointment types or individiual patients!

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While appointment confirmation emails can be really handy, you might not find them necessary for some of your appointments, or you might not wish to use them at all!

In this article, we'll go through how to:

Disable confirmation emails for appointment types

If you disable appointment confirmation emails for appointment types, it means that no one who is booked into that particular appointment will get an email.

You'll need to disable the confirmation emails individually, for each appointment type. To do this, head into Settings, and then Appointment types:

Select the appointment type you wish to disable emails for:

Under Booking confirmation email, make sure "None" is selected:

Save your settings, and you're all done! 👌Now, any patient booked into this appointment type will not receive a confirmation email. 

Repeat the process for all appointment types that you don't want confirmation emails for.

Disable confirmation emails for individual patients

You can also turn off appointment confirmation emails for individual patients—if you do this, even though the appointment type they're booked into sends the emails out, this patient won't get those messages. 

To set this up, select the patient you want to work with and edit their details. Scroll down to Communication preferences.

Make sure the box next to "Receive booking confirmation emails" is not ticked:

By default, all patients will always have that box selected. However, if your appointments types don't have confirmation emails enabled, no message will go out, even if the "Receive booking confirmation emails" box is ticked!

When you save this patient's details, they will not get any more appointment confirmation emails, regardless of the appointment type's settings.

On the flip side, do you have confirmation emails turned on, but patients aren't getting them? Check out some of the common reasons that this might occur!

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