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If you are a practitioner, then you always need to make sure that you have the right information and the right settings applicable for Cliniko to be the most efficient it can be for you. In this article, you'll find how to edit your practitioner information, and what each setting on your information page means!

In this tutorial, we'll cover:

Getting there

Click My info, under your name:

This will bring you to your account information page. Click the Edit your practitioner settings button:

On the next page, you'll be able to edit all of your settings—such as your provider numbers, availability, what appointment types you offer, and more.

Reference and provider numbers

Within your practitioner information, you can add reference numbers—these will show up on invoices, so if patients need to claim something with their health provider, they can easily provide your reference or provider numbers.

Below is what this area looks like:

There are a few things to remember here!

  • The Type field can be named to whatever you want

  • The Number field should have your provider/reference/etc. number in it.

  • The Business should be the business that this number is listed against—if you have more than one location in your Cliniko account, be sure that the number is listed with the correct business!

The numbers would look like this on your invoices (along with your designation, which we'll get to momentarily!):

Designation and description

The Designation and Description fields are the places where you can include information about yourself!

The designation field is where you would include your professional title, along with any qualifications that you would normally show at the end of your title. This will show under your name on invoices (see above), and beside your name in online bookings.

The description field is used strictly for online bookings. It can be used to provide some background information about who you are, what your history is, or any other information you may want to convey to your patients—it's essentially a biography! 

Here's what it all looks like together on the online bookings page:

Appointment types and more

This is the section where you can choose:

  • Which appointment types you offer;

  • What your default appointment type is;

  • If you want to be listed in online bookings;

  • If you'd like to link your Cliniko calendar with an external one, such as Google Calendar.

Services that you provide

These would be the appointment types that you offer. 

The default appointment type

This controls which appointment is pre-loaded into the appointment pop-up whenever you make a booking for yourself. Adding your most used type as the default is great little time saver!

Cancelled appointment notifications

Be notified if one of your appointments is cancelled, either by the patient or your reception team. 

Online bookings

If you opt to display your name in online bookings, it means that patients can book appointments with you online!

This is only relevant if online bookings is enabled. If you're not sure if your clinic offers online bookings, please chat with an account administrator!

External calendar

Want to access your Cliniko appointments in a program outside of Cliniko, such as Google Calendar? No worries! Check out how to do that here.

Availability and schedule

Your availability makes up your schedule. Simply tick which days you work, and then select the times that you're available. If you need to add in a lunch break then set your main time to something like 9:00 to 17:00, hit add break, and set that break to 12:00 to 12:30. 

Here's an example of what that would look like!

If you work every other week and need to set up fortnightly availabilities, you can learn how to do that here!

Make sure that you click the Save changes button after making any changes! You'll always find the "Save" button at the bottom of the page, in that bright pink colour!

Do you have more questions about your practitioner information? We're happy to help! Chat with us by clicking the "chat bubble" in the lower right-hand corner. 💬

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