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Automatically send forms to patients

Set up your appointment confirmation templates to automatically include patient forms!

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If you're using patient forms, you'll probably find it helpful to automatically send them to your patients! The easiest way to do this will be to add the form template "placeholders" to your appointment confirmation emails. This way, as soon as an appointment is booked, patients will receive the form(s) they need to fill out with their confirmation email—and you won't need to do anything except for the initial setup!

Follow the instructions below to learn how to get this set up.

Automatically send forms to patients

You're going to need to ensure that confirmation emails are linked to the applicable appointment types in order for this to work. Learn how to set that up over here!

Once you've created your form templates, you can add them to your confirmation emails by heading to Settings, and then Appointment confirmations:

On the next page, select the applicable template (or create a new one, if you want):

Within the template, you'll see a new placeholder menu called PATIENT FORM:

If you select this, a drop-down menu will appear with all available forms that you've created:

Select the one you want, and it will automatically drop it into your confirmation template as a placeholder:

The placeholder means that Cliniko "knows" which form to send along with this particular appointment confirmation—so you don't need to manually copy and paste any links!

If you want to get a rough idea of what your patient will see in the email, you can select the View sample button. This will share a preview of the email with you (note that the email will appear differently for patients depending on what type of email application they use, but the general idea is the same):

When you're all finished, save that template! Now, the form will be automatically emailed to patients in their appointment confirmation email.

As a reminder, the confirmation email templates will need to be linked to the relevant appointment types in order to ensure they go out. Learn how to set that up over here.

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