Adjust your calendar's display

Change the display on your calendar, to make your appointment blocks bigger or smaller!

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Depending on how you have your schedule set up and how many patients you're seeing in a day, you may want to customise the display of your appointment calendar. You can "stretch" it out or make it smaller through the use of "time slots", and you can break your hours up a little bit—for example, 15-minute "blocks" of time, identified by a small grey line at the :15, 30, and :45 minute mark of each hour!

We'll go over the following in this tutorial:

Adjust your calendar's display

Let's use the following example. Right now, your calendar looks like this, which is…not so good. It's too squished up, you can't even see every patient's name, and there's a bunch of white space underneath that doesn't really need to be there! ☹️

You want it to be easier to read, because no one loves a squished calendar! 😅 

So, to change those settings, follow these steps.

Head to Settings, and then General settings:

Under Appointment calendar, check out the Time slot size and Time slot height:

Changing your time block size and height will lengthen or shorten the calendar on the appointments page, depending on the changes you make.

But what exactly do these two things mean? 🤔

Time slot size

This is how your "time slots" (the hourly intervals on your calendar) are broken out. They're made visible by light grey lines. We recommend setting it up in a way "fits in" to the duration of your appointment types. For example, if you offer appointments that are 30, 45, or 60 minutes long, it would be best to set your "time slot size" to 15—because 15 goes into each of those numbers. If you offer appointments that are 20, 40, or 60 minutes long, it would be best to set your "time slot size" to 20. 

For example, here's what a 15-minute time slot size looks like (note the grey lines that break the hours into 15-minute intervals):

Time slot height

This is how "tall" or "short" your time slots are. In the screenshot above, they're set to 40 pixels—and that's with a 15-minute time slot size. If you change the height be smaller (let's say 20 pixels), it'll look like this:

And if you change the height to something even smaller, like 15 pixels, it'll look like this (again, this is with the time slot size of 15 minutes):

Keep in mind that the time slot height and time slot size "talk" to one another, so when you change one, it can impact the other.

For example, in the screenshot below, the time slot size is set to 15 minutes, and the height is set to 30 pixels:

If I keep the height at 30 pixels, but change the time slot size to 30, it it looks like this:

You'll probably need to do some testing to get it to your liking, and ultimately, what you select is really going to depend on how you'd prefer to view the calendar! It will be worth it, though, once you have the perfect calendar setup! 👌 

If you need to change the actual range of hours that you see on your calendar (to see earlier or later times), you would want to adjust your calendar's time range. Head over here to learn how to do that!

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