Adjust product stock levels

Update your stock levels in Cliniko.

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When you sell a product, it will automatically update your stock levels with an adjustment type of "Item sold":

There are other reasons stock to be adjusted, though! Something might be returned, or you're making a purchase, or an item is out of date. Cliniko's stock adjustment feature makes it easy for you to increase or decrease your existing stock levels for individual products, as well as provide the reason for the adjustment.

Adjust product stock levels

If you use Cliniko's expenses function, you can update your existing product levels through the expense itself! Head over here to learn how. If you don't use expenses or wish to handle things manually, read on!

Getting started

Head to the Products tab, and select the product you need to adjust:

On the next page, click the Adjust stock level button:

If you don't see that button, it means that there is no initial stock level. Any product has to have an initial stock level (even if the number is 0) in order to be adjusted. You can edit the product and add an initial stock level, as in the example below.

Once your product has an initial stock level, you can click that Adjust stock level button!

Increasing or decreasing stock?

Once you're on the stock adjustment page, you'll be presented with a few options. Are you:

  • Increasing or decreasing stock?

  • What's the reason for the adjustment?

  • How many are you increasing or decreasing it by?

  • Are there any relevant notes you need to include?

If you're increasing stock, the screen will look like this:

You can choose whether it's a stock purchase, the item is being returned, or something else.

If you're decreasing stock, the screen will look like this:

You can choose whether it's damaged, out of date, the item was sold, or something else.

Select your reason, add the number you're increasing or decreasing it by, and add a note if need be:

Click the Create stock adjustment button, and the reason for the adjustment (along with who made it) will show up on the product page:

And that's it! Now you've made a stock adjustment.

As mentioned before, you can also update stock levels via expenses, and a product's stock will automatically be reduced accordingly when an item is added to an invoice (Cliniko will understand this to be "sold").

There are a couple of other things to keep in mind, as well!

  • If you archive an invoice and it has a product on it, that product will not go back into your stock. If the item needs to be adjusted, you'll have to manually make the adjustment.

  • Including a negative quantity of a product on an invoice will automatically adjust the stock level accordingly. For example, if you put -2 in the "Quantity" field on the invoice, your product will be adjusted by +2 with the reason of "Item returned".

Need to check your existing stock levels? The products data export will be your best friend! ๐Ÿค— Head over here to learn how to run that export and see how many items you currently have on hand.

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