If you need to move your data from one Cliniko account to a different Cliniko account, we can help! Whether you've purchased a new business, sold your business, or are going out on your own—and have already been using Cliniko—we'll be able to assist you in moving your data across to the new Cliniko account.

☝️ Please note that this data transfer service is a process that we will work on with you—not something that you'll need to do yourself. Please don't import spreadsheets or manually add any information into your destination Cliniko account before the transfer, as duplication will result when your data comes across from the source Cliniko account.

The very first step is booking your transfer date! To avoid delays, please book your transfer date as soon as you can:

Once you've done that, please read through the guide below. It's important to review each section thoroughly, as it outlines your role in the transfer, and what we do for you.

The guide is broken into the following sections:

If you have any questions on what's mentioned here, just ask!

Access to your Cliniko accounts

For a Cliniko to Cliniko transfer, we’ll refer to the account the data is coming out of as the source account, and the account data is going in to as the destination account.

To get the data from the source account and transfer it into the destination account, we’ll need the Cliniko account URLs, as well as the API keys.

Cliniko account URLs

The URLs can be found in your browser address bar when you are logged in to Cliniko, and will look something like https://your-clinic.cliniko.com. This is required so that we may be sure we’re transferring from and in to the correct account.

Source Cliniko account API key

Please log in to your source Cliniko account to generate the API key. You'll need to be logged in as an administrator user so that the API key generated has the required data access permissions. Please also see our guide on generating a Cliniko API key.

☝️ To have the correct permissions, the source API key must belong to an administrator user.

Destination Cliniko account API key

Please log in to your destination Cliniko account to generate the API key. You'll need to be logged in as an administrator user who is also an active practitioner, so that the API key generated has the required data access permissions. Please also see our guide on generating a Cliniko API key.

☝️ To have the correct permissions, the destination API key must belong to an administrator user who is also a practitioner. Please do not give us an API key for an administrator that is not also a practitioner.

Your API keys are like passwords, and must be handled with care. It is very important that this information is transmitted to us securely. When you book a transfer date, you'll be sent a confirmation email which includes a link to a secure electronic form. This form is where you can securely communicate your API keys and other information to us. If you miss the confirmation email, another link to the same form will be sent in a reminder email closer to your transfer date. Please let us know if you do not receive these emails.

Administrator mobile numbers

We’ll need to do some verification of an account administrator from each account to get the final go-ahead to access the accounts to copy and load data, so please ensure a mobile number is included in all administrator user profiles, as we will need to send a verification code to those numbers.

Setting up the destination account

There is some setup in the destination Cliniko account that you’ll need to complete prior to transfer. These are things that we cannot transfer, or are specific to the destination account.

Please ensure the following things are set up as soon as possible:

  1. All required users and practitioners are created,

  2. All sites/locations of your business are set up as Cliniko business locations,

  3. Your time zones have been set correctly (to ensure that appointments get transferred to the right spots), and

  4. Mobile phone numbers have been added to the admin user's account so that we can authenticate prior to transfer.

Other items that are not required prior to transfer, but are not transferred and will need to be set up manually are:

  1. All treatment note templates are created,

  2. All letter templates are created.

Past practitioners

Note that when we transfer appointments, we will need a practitioner assigned to the appointment. This is a little complicated for instances where the practitioner is no longer with you and therefore not in Cliniko. In these cases, please let us know whether you would prefer to assign the appointments to:

  • A generic ‘Former practitioner’ that you create in Cliniko,

  • Another active practitioner in Cliniko, or

  • Exclude them entirely.

Alternatively, you may create all your specific members of staff (past and present) in Cliniko, and we’ll assign all appointments correctly. You can set those former practitioners as inactive, as your Cliniko subscription price is based on the total number of active practitioners.

File attachments

Cliniko limits the volume of patient attachments in trial accounts. To remove this limit, please add your billing details into your account. Your free trial will continue until completion, and your credit card will not be charged until your trial period has expired.

You can quickly search for and find our guides and help articles to assist you with the setup process on our help site, here.

What do we transfer?

Note that no data is removed from the source account. Data is only copied to the destination account.

Transfers from Cliniko to Cliniko include the following data types:

  • Patients ✩

  • Individual appointments ✩

  • Group appointments ✩

  • Unavailable Blocks

  • Appointment attendance status (arrived, DNA, cancelled)

  • Treatment notes ✩

  • Patient attachments/files

  • Medical alerts

The following types are also optional:

  • All products

  • All billable items

  • All appointment types

  • Concession types

  • Contacts

  • Treatment note templates

✩ These entities are filterable by either business or practitioners. For example, if you are moving data belonging to a single practitioner, we will only transfer patients, appointments, treatment notes, etc. linked to that practitioner.

Once we’ve finished the transfer, you will need to review your appointment types within Cliniko and finish setting them up (assign practitioners to them, assign colours, relate billable items and treatment note templates, assign reminder templates, and so on). Transfers can take anywhere from a few hours to a day, depending on the volume of data being transferred. 

Prior to the data transfer, please avoid performing any data imports for:

  • Patients

  • Products

  • Contacts

  • Appointment types

  • Billable items

We will import all of these as part of the Cliniko-to-Cliniko transfer. If that data is already in your destination Cliniko account, it will be duplicated.

Please let us know if you have any further queries about this.

What don’t we transfer?

Unfortunately, all financial details are excluded from transfer. There is not a way to import financial data into Cliniko, even from an existing Cliniko account. This includes:

  • Invoices

  • Payments

  • Credits

  • Account statements

  • Appointment invoice/payment statuses

If you'd like to record prior payment history or outstanding debts in Cliniko, you can create an opening balance for those patients. This is not considered revenue and will not affect Cliniko's reporting.

In addition, the following items are not transferrable and must be set up manually where needed:

  • Users and practitioners, practitioner reference numbers

  • Businesses, including uploaded logos and business settings

  • Cases

  • Expenses and stock adjustments

  • Integrations

  • Recalls and recall types

  • Custom marketing referral sources

  • Body chart treatment note questions

  • Communications

  • Waitlist

  • Existing reports

  • Letters and letter templates

  • Patient forms and form templates

  • All communication templates (email and SMS)


The following filters are available to you for transferring a subset of the source account’s data:

  1. Businesses

  2. Practitioners

  3. All data (no filter)

Please let us know which of these filters you want to use (only one may be selected) and the specific businesses/practitioners we should filter on.
If you select a business, keep in mind that some data like notes and file attachments are not assigned to a particular business. In this case, we will filter your patient list by the business, and then transfer all notes and and file attachments associated with those patients.

On the day of the transfer

We shouldn’t need to hassle you much on the day of the transfer, unless some of the above information or setup is missing, so please ensure that you're contactable on the day. We’ll get started in the morning (AEDT) and let you know when we are done! If it is looking like taking longer than that day, we’ll be sure to reach out and keep you informed of progress.

When the transfer is completed, you’ll be able to use your data within Cliniko immediately.

If there’s anything you’d like to confirm or discuss prior to transfer, please do let us know—we’re here to help! We are easiest reached from within Cliniko by clicking Help on the blue sidebar, and clicking Chat with us.

The final checklist

Having all of this done before the transfer takes place is super important. Please be sure that each item on these lists has been checked off prior to your transfer date!

Please be sure that you have completed the following:

  • The transfer date has been booked

  • Completed the secure form to:

    • give us your API keys and Cliniko URLs (see instructions)

    • Let us know which filtering option to use (see filtering info)

    • Let us know which data types you need transferred (see data types)

    • Let us know how you want any former practitioner appointments assigned in the destination account (see details)

Specific to the new (destination) Cliniko account:

  • [Required] Practitioners have been created, both active and inactive (see guide)

  • [Strongly recommended] All administrator user accounts have mobile numbers

  • [Required] Business locations have been created, both active and inactive (see guide)

  • [Required] Payment method added to your Cliniko account, to lift the file upload limitation (see guide)

After transfer, these items will need attending to:

  • Ensure all required appointments types are created (see guide)

  • Set practitioners as providers of appointment types (see guide)

  • Create treatment note templates (see guide)

  • Create letter templates (see guide)

  • Ensure all required billable items are created (see guide)

  • Relate billable items to appointment types (see guide)

We know that transferring from another Cliniko account is a big deal, and we want to help make the process as easy as possible for you. If you have any questions on anything at all, please reach out to us. We're always available to help!

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