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Relate a treatment note template to an appointment type
Relate a treatment note template to an appointment type

Assign a treatment note template to an appointment type to make your note-writing more efficient!

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Making your note-taking run as efficiently as possible is what we want to help out with! The following steps will help you assign the right template to your appointment types, so that the correct template can be loaded and ready to go when you're writing your notes!

Before starting this process, make sure that you have all your appointment types set up, and have created all the treatment note templates that you need.

Assigning a treatment note template to an appointment type

Once you've created your appointment types, you can assign a treatment note template to each one. Assigning a template to an appointment type means that when you want to write a treatment note for a specific type of appointment (i.e. initial consultation), the appropriate template will automatically "pre-load" for you!

Head to Settings, and then Appointment types:

Click on the appointment type you want to work with. Under Default treatment note template, select the template you wish to assign to this appointment type:

By default, it will say N/A, but if you click that, you will see a list of all your existing treatment note templates.

Click the Update appointment type button at the bottom, and your settings will be saved!

Now, when you write a note for this specific appointment type, the Template will already be selected for you!

You can set up other types of "relationships" in Cliniko, as well—you can relate billable items to appointment types, concession types to patients, and you can even relate patients to one another!

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