Create letter templates

Set up letter templates so that you can write and send letters to patients!

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Creating a letter template is quick and easy! Once you have a template created, you'll then be able to write and send letters to patients or other recipients.

Create a letter template

Head to Settings, and then Letter templates:

Click the Add letter template button:

You'll be able to add in the details for your new letter template on the next page. There will be a few required fields!

  • The template name (this is only for your internal reference);

  • The body of the template itself;

  • The default email subject.

See an example of a new template below:

New letter template editor

Click Create letter template, and you're done! You can now use this template to write and send letters to patients or other third parties relating to your patients!

Understanding the letter template editor

When you're writing the content of your letter template, you'll probably want to write some generic text, and use the "placeholders":

These "pull" information into the actual letter when you're writing it. So, for example, the General.CurrentDate placeholder would pull in the date you're writing the letter! Cliniko is pretty smart, so it knows what information to put in place of the placeholder!
Confused?  We'll help you understand placeholders a bit better in another article.

The text you include when creating the template can be edited when you're writing the actual letter. If you need to remove or add anything when writing the patient-specific letter, you'll be able to do so!

Creating a letter template is the first step. Next, you'll want to write letters, and send them off!

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