Add different logos for each business

If you have multiple clinics set up, you can use a different logo for each one!

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If you have multiple clinics set up within your account, you can upload a different logo for each one. These unique logos would then show up on PDFs of invoices, payments, account statements, treatment notes, patient forms, and letters (so long as the letters are using "business" placeholders).

Right now, you cannot upload different logos for online bookings, even if you offer bookings at different clinics. If that changes we will most certainly let you know, but for now, unique logos are only applicable to PDF documents of invoices, payments, account statements, treatment notes, and letters.

When using different logos, each one will display in accordance with its related business. In the example below, we have two invoices for two different clinics. You can see that they each have a unique logo:

There is no obligation to use different logos, and you're certainly welcome to just have one single "default" logo, which will be used across all documents! If you'd like to have different logos for each clinic, though, read on for the steps to set it up.

Add different logos to each clinic

First things first, head to Settings, and then Business information:

Pick the business you want to add a unique logo for, and press the Edit information button:

On the next page, scroll down towards the bottom. You will be able to choose a file to upload:

If you don't choose a file, the default logo that's set up in your documents and printing settings will be used.

Once you've uploaded the logo file, press the Update business button. This will bring you back to the main "business information" page. You can view the uploaded logo by pressing the Edit information button again. The new logo will be displayed towards the bottom of the business settings:

That's all you need to do! ✨ The logo for this business will now show up on any PDFs of invoices, payments, account statements, treatment notes, and letters (assuming that the letter templates are using a "business" placeholder, and assuming that you have enabled logos for the various documents).

Supporting logos on different documents

There's some additional setup that you'll need to do if you want logos to appear on all of your documents. Uploading the logo is the first step, but you'll also need to ensure that you tell Cliniko to display it on the various PDFs! See below for detailed information on how to do that:

As mentioned, multiple logos are not currently supported for online bookings, but you can still use a logo for your bookings page. We have more information about how to set that up here.

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