Add your logo to patient forms

Display your logo on secure patient forms, which can be sent directly to your patient and completed online!

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One of the benefits of using secure patient forms is that you can email them to your patients and they can fill them out (and sign them) online, and then submit them right back! This way, there's no paper involved, and everything gets sorted right into the spot where it needs to go. (But, if you want to send the forms as PDFs or print them off, you can do that, too!)

You can make patient forms as simple or as detailed as you'd like, and if you want, you can choose to add your logo—this will show up on the form the patient receives via an emailed link, and will be displayed on the screen where they're filling it out, and on the PDF of the form if you opt to email it that way (or print it).

In this guide, we'll walk you through how to add your logo to patient forms—both for the online version, and the PDF/printable version (the steps are currently different for both, so we'll cover all bases).

Add your logo to patient forms (online)

If you're sending forms to patients directly from Cliniko, the logo is going to be "pulled" from the online bookings settings. This means that you will need to have a logo set up in online bookingseven if you aren't using online bookings. 😵‍💫 We understand this workaround is perhaps less than ideal, but for the moment, what we advise is temporarily enabling online bookings, uploading your logo, and then turn off online bookings. As soon as we have a proper solution in place for this we'll let you know, but for the moment, you will need to have a logo added in the online bookings section of your account in order for that logo to show up on digital patient forms, which would end up looking something like this when the patient clicks on the "form" link on their device to view/complete the form:

With the logo added to your online bookings settings, it will show up on digital forms that are sent and accessed via a secure link. If you're opting to print or email the forms as PDFs and want the logo to show up, the process is a little different—we'll explain below!

Add your logo to patient forms (PDF/printed)

If you want to email your patients a copy of their completed form (or print it out to give it to them), you can definitely do this—and you can include your logo! Head to Settings, and then Documents & printing:

Click the Choose file button:

Select your logo from its spot on your computer, and upload it. You won't see it right away—first, click the Save document settings button at the bottom of the page:

Head back into your Documents & printing settings, and you will now see that your logo has been uploaded:

Next up—getting it to display on patient forms!

Display your logo on forms

Scroll down the page a bit, and you'll see an area that says Patient forms. Tick the box next to "Show logo on patient form":

Save the settings! Now, when you send patients a PDF of their form or print it out, the logo will display at the top, like this:

We have lots of additional information about patient forms 📈, so if you wanted to take a peek, head over here!

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