Add your logo to letters

Add your logo to letters.

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Letters are a handy feature of Cliniko that allow you to to send emails to your patients by selecting from pre-made templates (for example, a follow-up letter or perhaps a welcome letter!).

One of your options, when sending letters, is to send the letter as a PDF attachment. When your patient opens the letter, then, it will display as a nicely-formatted PDF, which will look even nicer with a logo!

Here's a video of the process:

Add a logo to letters

If you have multiple clinics and want to use a different logo for each one, follow these steps first. Then, head back to this guide to ensure that you finalise the steps for getting your logo to display on letters!

The process for adding your logo to letters will be very much the same as adding it to invoices or treatment notes

If haven't already, you'll want to head to Settings, and then Documents & printing:

Click the Choose file button:

Select your logo from its spot on your computer, and upload it. You won't see it right away—first, click the Save document settings button at the bottom of the page:

Head back into your Documents & printing settings, and you will now see that your logo has been uploaded:

Now for the next step—getting it to display on your letters!

Display your logo on letters

Now that your logo is uploaded into Cliniko, you can actually display it on your letters. In the Documents & printing settings, tick the box under Display logo:

There will be a few other things to think about in these settings, as well!

  • Space underneath logo: how much "white space" will be between the logo and the first line of text on the letter.

  • Top margin: how much space will be between the top of your logo and the top of the paper.

  • Bottom margin: how much space will be at the very bottom of the letter, between the last line of text and the bottom of the paper.

  • Left and right margins: how much space will be between your text and the sides of the paper.

Once you've specified all your settings, be sure to save. When you email PDF letters to your patients (or if you save the letter as a PDF and print it out), they'll see something like this:

That's all you need to do to add your logo to letters!

The logo will never show up on the letter template, or when you're writing the letter in Cliniko. It will only show up on the PDF version of the letter.

If you notice a different logo appearing in your letters, this is because a logo has been uploaded to a specific business location which overrides the one uploaded here. Here's how you can change the logo for each of your businesses.

Need to add your logo to other documents? 🗒 Learn how to add it to invoices and treatment notes

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