Let patients digitally sign forms

When you send your forms out to patients, they can digitally sign them!

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If you're using patient forms, one of the key things you might want to have is signatures. If you need to have your patients sign a consent form or agree to a privacy policy, allowing them to digitally sign the forms you're sending them would be handy! Well, good news—you can do this with Cliniko's patient forms!

All you'll need to do is add a "signature" question type when setting up your form templates. We'll walk you through the steps!

Add signatures to patient forms

The first thing you'll want to do is edit your form templates. (Or, if you don't have any templates set up yet, you'll want to create your first one.) This guide will walk you through getting set up with forms.

To add signatures, you'll want to head to Settings, and then Patient form templates:

From there, either edit an existing template, or create a new one. To add the "signature" question type:

Save the form! Now, whenever this form is emailed to your patients, they'll see a box where they can digitally sign:

When they submit the form back, you'll see the signature:

And, if you export the form as a PDF, the signature will show up there, as well:

And that's it—now your patients can sign forms! Just be sure to edit each relevant template, as you'll want to be sure that the "signature" question type is included on each one.

For more information on patient forms, head over here!

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