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Welcome to Cliniko!

Thanks for choosing Cliniko! Getting started with Cliniko can be as easy as clicking on the calendar, creating a new patient, then booking them in.

However, you'll really want to personalise your account so that you can get the most out of Cliniko. In this article, we'll run through a couple of the basic settings that you can alter to make your account your own!

Looking for additional walkthroughs? We also have a video series to help get your Cliniko account up and running quickly!

Account information

You'll want to start with the really basic stuff: who you are, where you're from, and who will have access to your account. Here's some articles on where to get started with that info

  1. Enter your business information with your address and contact details, or set up multiple locations.

  2. Have more than one user and/or practitioner? Here's how to set up administrative users and practitioners.

Scheduling details

Scheduling is the key to the Cliniko program! You'll want to make sure that you have all of the information put in before jumping in day-to-day so that your administrative team and your patients have the best information available to them.

  1. Set up your practitioner information with availabilities, provider numbers, and other details.

  2. Want to use our automated appointment reminders and confirmations? Here's the guides on confirmation emails, email reminders, and SMS reminders!

Invoicing and payments

After scheduling, money is also pretty important! You'll want to establish the services you provide (billable items), products you sell and how you receive money for those services (payment types).

  1. Need a tax type that we don't have as a default? Here's how to add your own.

  2. Payment types are important in delineating how you receive your money! Learn how to add your own right here.

Importing patients

Need to get a database of client details into Cliniko? Our data import process means that you can get thousands of names in with just a couple of button pushes! Learn how right here.

Have more data to import? You can quickly add your contact list, products, and any billable items you brought with as well!

Customising treatment notes and patient forms

Will your practitioners be using our treatment notes function? Here's how to set up unique templates so that you can create the notes that you need. You also have the option to add body charts to treatment notes.

Need information from your patient directly? Send out automated forms to your patients before their appointment to collect their details, have them digitally sign, or agree to your privacy policy. The possibilities are endless!

Want to know more?

With those basics set up, you have your account personalised to your clinic now! However, there's still plenty more settings that you can use to make Cliniko efficient to use, and even more personalised. Follow through to find more advanced settings with Cliniko.

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