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Add your privacy policy to patient forms
Add your privacy policy to patient forms

Include a privacy policy in your patient forms, so patients can agree to it when they submit.

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If you're using secure patient forms, one of the things you might want to do is include your privacy policy—this way, your patients will be able to easily view/accept the policy while they're filling out the form, and submit it directly to you!

We'll walk you through how to add a section specifically for your privacy policy to your patient forms.

Add your privacy policy to patient forms

Head to Settings, and then Patient form templates:

On the next page, select the form you want to edit (or add a new template):

Once you're in the form, press the Edit button to edit the template:

For the privacy policy specifically, you'll want to add a new section, label it "Privacy policy" (or whatever makes sense for you), and press the link to Add section description:

You can then add your policy into the section description field. You can use the question and answer fields to denote acceptance (in the example below, we've called the question title "Acceptance", and made the answer be a single checkbox that says "I agree to the above privacy policy"):

Save your patient form template!

Now, when the patient views their form, they'll be able to agree to the policy before submitting. Here's an example of what they would see, based on our template above:

When your patient submits this form, their consent will not automatically be recorded in the "privacy policy" section of their patient details. You will need to manually update this at the moment.

Head here if you are needing guidance on patient forms— our support team can help out, as well!

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