If you have a privacy policy that you require your patients to consent/agree to, you can log their consent in Cliniko. This will make it easy for you to keep track of who has agreed to your policies, who hasn't given you any response, and who has explicitly said "no."

There are two ways to mark down your patients' consent: when booking an appointment for a new patient, or by editing a patient's details.

When you're booking an appointment for a new patient, you'll have the option of recording their consent right on the appointment screen:

Conversely, you can record consent in their patient details page:

When you review your patient's file, you'll see their consent listed under "General information."

If they've explicitly rejected your policy, you'll see a red banner:

How can I see which patients have or have not consented to my privacy policy?

You're able to run a "Patients" data export to get a full list of who has or hasn't accepted your privacy policy. Head on over here to learn how to do that!

☝️Note: This is merely a way for you to record consent for your own practice, and has nothing to do with Cliniko's own privacy policy

If you'd like to give your patients the option to agree to your privacy policy when booking online, head on over here to learn how to set that up!

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