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How do multiple logos for each business work?
How do multiple logos for each business work?

If you have several different clinics set up in your account, you can use different logos for each clinic. This guide outlines how it works.

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If you've set up several different clinics within one single Cliniko account, you may wish you use a different logo for each one. We have an overview of how to set up different logos for each account here, but you may have some questions about how it works—that's what this guide is meant to help with!

Below, we'll go through some frequently asked questions about how multiple logos work within Cliniko:

Where will they show up?

Logos will currently show up on PDF documents only—and these include invoices, payments, account statements, treatment notes, patient forms, and letters (if the letter template has "business" placeholders in use—we'll talk more about that in a minute).

Logos will not show up when you're looking at anything in the browser; they will only show up on PDFs. Take an invoice, for example—when you're viewing it in Cliniko, you see something like this (no logo):

However, when printed or emailed as a PDF, the patient will see something like this (with the logo):

Can I use multiple logos on online bookings?

Not right now. If this changes, we'll most certainly let you know, but for the moment, you can only use a single logo for online bookings, even if you have multiple clinics. This guide walks you through how to add a logo to your online bookings.

I'm confused—if I can use different logos for other things, why not online bookings?

The "back end" functionality of online bookings is significantly different from the PDFs that get created from invoices and other documents. Without diving too far into the technical differences, the code that's used for supporting a logo on the online bookings page is quite different from the code that's used to support logos on PDFs.

We hope to be able to offer you the ability to have different logos for each business on your online bookings pages. We'll certainly let you know if and when this occurs!

Am I required to use multiple logos?

Nope! You can use a single logo, multiple logos, or no logos. It's totally up to you.

What if I have multiple clinics, but only want to use a single logo?

You will only need to upload a single "default" logo, in this case! This can be done within your documents and printing settings, and we have a guide on how to set that up here.

I want logos to display on some documents, but not others. Can I do this?

Yep! Within your documents and printing settings, you can specify what you want your logo to show up on. Check out these individual guides for each type of document:

My letters are showing the wrong logo.

Not to worry! It's most likely because the letter template doesn't have the correct "business" placeholder added. Head over here to learn how to check that out and fix it.

Have a question about logos that isn't covered here? Our support team is available to help! You can reach them via the "chat" icon in the lower-right of this page.

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