If you operate multiple clinics and have uploaded a different logo for each one, then those individual logos should show up on every PDF document pertaining to that location. However, there is one particular area where things can get a little tricky—letters.

The letter template itself will need to have a "business" placeholder in use in order to ensure that the correct logo gets used. Otherwise, the "default" logo will be used, and that might be the wrong one.

This guide will walk you through the steps of ensuring that your letters are using the correct logo!

How to fix the logo on your letters

If your letters are using the wrong logo, it's most likely because the letter template doesn't have a "business" placeholder set up. In order to double-check this, first head to Settings, and then Letter templates:

Select the "problem" template (the one showing the wrong logo) and have a look at how its set up. In the example below, can you see what's wrong?

It can be hard to miss! What is not showing up (and should be there) is the "business" placeholder. We want to replace where it says "our clinic" with the placeholder {{Business.Name}} (which can be selected from the BUSINESS menu):

The template now has the correct placeholder, and will therefore "pull in" the right logo!

If you have more questions about logos, head over here—alternatively, you can reach out to our support team via the "chat" icon in the lower-right!

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