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Can I embed patient forms into my website?
Can I embed patient forms into my website?

You won't be able to embed forms into your website, but we can show you how to email them to patients!

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If you're using secure patient forms, you may be wondering if you can add a link to your website so that any patient can fill the form out. The answer to this is no—but we'll explain why!

Forms are designed for individual patients.

While you can create a single form template which is meant for many patients to fill out, the actual form itself needs to be shared individually. The reason for this is that each form generates a unique "link" that can only be used once. So, whether you're automatically sending forms with appointment confirmation emails, or generating one-off forms to send to your patients, they can't be used more than once, which means you won't be able to embed a link to a form in your website.

If I can't embed them, how can I easily get forms to my patients?

Despite being unable to embed the forms, there are some easy ways to ensure that your patients get them!

Can I include a link to a form in my email newsletter?

Similarly to the question of embedding forms in your website, no—and this is because forms are designed for individual patients, and the links can only be generated within your Cliniko account.

An email newsletter can have a link to your online bookings page, of course—and if a patient books an appointment from there, they can automatically receive the form via the appointment confirmation email.

For more information on patient forms, head over here!

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