If your patient forgot to fill their form out before coming in for their appointment, or didn't get a form emailed to them for some reason, they can certainly fill the form out—and submit it—right in the clinic! There will be two steps:

Follow the guide below to learn how to set this up!

Create the form

☝️Note: You'll need to be sure that you create form templates prior to generating one-off forms.

To get started, find the patient you want to send the form to. Select the Forms tab:

Once there, press the Add form button in the top-right:

That will open up a window that asks you to select a form template and an appointment. It's not required that you select an appointment, but if you want this form to be linked to an appointment, then you'll want to make sure to pick a date there:

Press the Create form button, and you'll see the new form in the list of all forms. On the right, you'll see a Copy link button. Pressing that will copy the URL:

Here's a quick little video of what it looks like to create the new form from the patient's page:

That's step one, complete!

Open the form in a new tab

Now that you've created the form and have copied the link, you can open a new tab or window and paste the link. We cover browsing with tabs here, and it's going to differ from browser to browser, but essentially, if you select "File" at the top of the screen, you can open a "new tab" or "new window". You may also be able to right-click and there will be a menu that says something like "open new tab". This will open a blank screen, and in the URL address bar, you can paste the link you've just copied.

We've created a quick video to give you an example. This is on Safari, but the general idea is the same across all browsers:

As you'll see from the video, when we paste the form's link into the new tab, it displays a blank form! Your patient can then fill this out and submit, right there in your clinic.

Head over here for more information on patient forms!

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