If you're using patient forms, you may find that you need to send a one-off form to someone—this would be different than automating the sending via an appointment confirmation email.

For example, maybe a patient has misplaced their confirmation email, and can't find the link to the form. Or maybe you want to send a follow-up form for feedback, after the appointment is complete. There could be any number of reasons to send a one-off form to a patient!

In this guide, we'll walk you through how to create and send a one-off form to your patients.

Send a one-off form 

☝️Note: You'll need to be sure that you create form templates prior to generating one-off forms.

To get started, find the patient you want to send the form to. Select the Forms tab:

Once there, press the Add form button in the top-right:

That will open up a window that asks you to select a form template and an appointment. It's not required that you select an appointment, but if you want this form to be linked to an appointment, then you'll want to make sure to pick a date there:

Press the Create form button, and you'll see the new form in the list of all forms. On the right, you'll see a Copy link button. Pressing that will copy the URL, which you can email, SMS, or paste into a letter (to be sent from Cliniko):

Here's a quick little video of what it looks like to create the new form from the patient's page:

That's step one, complete!

Sending the one-off form to the patient

To send the form to the patient, you'll have a few options: you can email it outside of Cliniko (from your own inbox), you can send it as an SMS message, or you can email it from within Cliniko (via the Letters function).

To send the form in a letter, first you'll want to copy the form link, as outlined above. Then, create a new letter for the patient. You'll be able to paste the form link directly into the letter:

☝️Note: Do not add this form link into the letter template. If you do that, it means any patient could receive this link, and then the form will be filled out by the wrong person! It's important to only paste the form link into the letter itself, not the template.

After you create the letter, you'll be able to preview it, and then you can send it (you'll want to use the Email button):

When emailing the form, it's important to make sure that the Format is set to "Send the letter as the content of the email", as this lets the form link be "clickable":

If you send the letter as a PDF attachment, the link won't be clickable, so the patient wouldn't be able to fill out the form.

For more information on patient forms, head over here!

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