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Write a letter to print off or email to your patients or third parties!

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After creating a letter template, you'll be able to write and send a letter to a patient or other third party (such as a referring doctor). Here's how to do it!

Write a letter for a patient

First, find the patient you want to write the letter for. Click on Letters:

Then, click Add letter:

On the New letter screen, you will need to:

  • Select the letter template you wish to use.

  • Select the information for the placeholders.

  • Add a description.

  • Modify any elements of the letter that you see fit.

When in "create/edit" mode, the letter will look something like this:

The placeholders will "place" information in appropriate spots in your letter (so if you set the template up with the {{Practitioner.FullName}} placeholder, who you select as the practitioner during the creation of the letter will be used, where the placeholder was!).

Click Create letter when you're done, and you'll see the saved letter on its own screen, along with the options to print, email, edit, download, or archive:

Simply creating a letter won't send it off to the patient or receiving party. You will need to manually send the letter after creating it. Head over here to learn how!

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