Telehealth & COVID-19

If you can't see your patients face-to-face because of COVID-19, you can have telehealth (video call) appointments with them.

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COVID-19 has forced many clinics to change the way they operate—the biggest of which might be the inability to see patients face-to-face, thanks to social distancing measures. Luckily, technology is more advanced than its ever been, and telehealth (video calls) are becoming increasingly common!

Telehealth appointments are available through Cliniko, and you're able to schedule appointments where you chat with your patient over a video call. There are going to be a few different components to get set up—we'll guide you through the proces.

Getting your Cliniko account telehealth-ready

First things first, it's recommended that you read this overview of how telehealth works with Cliniko. That will guide you through the setup process, including:

During and after the appointment

During the appointment, you'll be able to share your screen with your patient, as well as send instant chat messages. If your patients need help with anything teleheath-related, you can send them this guide—it's meant specifically to help your troubleshoot any issues they might encounter before or during the call.

If you have any questions on telehealth, our support team is happy to help out!

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