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Customise invoice emails

Personalise the invoice emails that are sent to patients and third parties.

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When emailing an invoice to a patient or a third party, you may want to customise the content of the email. Cliniko includes some default text in these emails, but if you'd like to make yours a little more personal, you can do so in your invoice settings!

We'll walk you through how to do it.

Change the text in invoice emails

First, head to Settings, and then Invoices:

Look for the section called Emailing invoices:

Within this section, you'll find three main areas:

  • Emailing a paid invoice to a patient,

  • Emailing an outstanding invoice to a patient

  • Emailing a paid invoice to a 3rd party, and

  • Emailing an outstanding invoice to a 3rd party.

Now, while those should (hopefully) be self-explanatory, we'll explain a bit more! 💪

There are two types of people who can be sent invoices: the patient themselves, or a third party. Depending on your settings, you'd see buttons for this when viewing the invoice:

Generally speaking, you probably want the content of these emails to differ, as the way you might word something for a patient might be different to the way you'd word it for a third party (and similarly, talking about a paid invoice might warrant some different verbiage than an outstanding one). While Cliniko has some default wording available for these emails, you can customise each one to your liking! Just look for the appropriate headings ("Emailing a paid invoice to a patient", etc.) in the invoice settings page, and you can start editing!

We recommend making use of placeholders in these email templates. Placeholders will pull relevant information in automatically, such as the invoice reference number and the business name. Learn more about placeholders here.

You can even see examples of what your emails will look like by pressing the "View sample" button at the bottom of each template:

Don't worry too much about the "placeholder" text in the sample email. Cliniko uses random information that's not actually relevant to real patients or clinics. Use the sample email to make sure the custom text you've added looks a-okay!

Just be sure to save the settings when you're done, and now you have some shiny new invoice email templates! ✨

If you have more questions about invoices, we have answers! Learn to specify different "reply-to" email addresses, add contact details to your invoices, or even add a logo. Head right over here for more! 

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