Add contact details to invoices

Add your phone number, bank account details, email address (or anything contact-related) to your invoices!

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You may want to include relevant contact information to your invoices—such as your phone number, bank account information, or email address. We'll show you how!  🙌

Add contact details to invoices

Head to Settings, and then Documents & printing:

In Business details, you can add the details you wish to display on your invoices:

Here, you’ll be able to specify what you want to include on the PDF/printed versions of your invoices, payments, and account statements. These include:

  • Business name

  • Business address

  • Business contact information

  • Businesss registration number

  • Extra information

All but one ("Extra information") will be automatically pulled from your main business settings, so if you opt to include them on the printed versions of your invoices and payments, whatever you’ve set up in your business settings will show up on the PDFs. The content of the "Extra information" field will show up on all documents.

This is a global setting, so if you tick the box next to "Business registration number" (for example), it means that all of your PDF/printed documents will include the relevant business information number (if it's set up in the main business settings).

Save your changes! Now, your invoices, payment receipts, and account statements will include that information. Below is an example:

Only the PDFs will include this information. If you're viewing the web version of the invoice in Cliniko, you will not see that extra information, as in the example below.

Don't worry, it's still there! It'll just be on the PDF, which is patient-facing! 😄

These contact details will also display on any account statements and payment receipts that you generate for your patients! 📄

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