Some patients may prefer hard copies of invoices, and others might want an email! Cliniko makes it easy to email an invoice directly to any patient, as long as they have an email address on file.

Email an Invoice to a Patient

Create or find the invoice you want to email. There will be a button at the top of the page that says Email patient:

You can also email the invoice direction from the main list of invoices, by finding the one you're after, clicking Actions, and then selecting Email patient:

That's all you need to do! The patient will receive an email with the invoice as an attached PDF. You'll also be able to see a record of this email in the patient's communications log.

What if I don't see that "Email patient" button?

If that button isn't showing up, it means the patient doesn't have an email address on file. You'll need to enter it in. To do this, select the patient in question and edit their details. Add their email address into their contact information, and then save. Their profile will then look like this:

Once you save those changes, head back to the invoice, and you'll see that button!

If you needed to send more than one invoice, you can create an email an account statement. You can also email an invoice to a third party! 🙌

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