If you're moving over to Cliniko from a different practice management system, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get set up and running. If you can get information from your current system into a CSV-spreadsheet format, you can then use Cliniko's import tools to import select types of that data into Cliniko.

Below, we've created some guides that will help to walk you through the steps for getting information from specific systems:

What can I import?

Here are the types of data that you can manually import using Cliniko's import tools, and the instructions for how to get it done:

All imports require a CSV spreadsheet file (short for Comma Separated Values; this is a fairly common format of spreadsheet!). The order of information in the spreadsheet doesn't matter, but you'll need to have headings on each column so you can match up the data. If your columns don't have headings, feel free to add a row and type "First Name", "Email Address", and whatever else you like at the top of each column. An example of a CSV file would look something like this:

Many systems will export to an Excel file. You can easily convert an Excel file to a CSV by opening it in Excel, then selecting "Save as..." and choosing the file type ".csv".

What can't I import?

You won't be able to directly import treatment notes, appointments, or invoices. However, if you have separate files for treatment notes, you can quickly drag and drop files into your patients' profiles to keep the previous patient history as a file attachment.

If your software isn't listed here, feel free to contact us to see if it's something we can help with. We are now offering a more comprehensive data transfer service for a bunch of commonly used systems, at no cost! You can find more information on transferring from those specific systems here.

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