Changing your permanent schedule

You can amend your permanent schedule by following the steps in this guide!

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As a practitioner, it's likely that your permanent schedule will change at some point or another—not everyone is always going to be working 9 to 5! While there are ways that you can modify your schedule temporarily (such as adding time off if you're going on leave, or opening up a few days if you will be working when you normally wouldn't), there may come a time when you need to amend your permanent schedule. We'll walk you through the steps!

Amend your permanent schedule

Yo get to your schedule, click on where it says My info, under your name:

This will bring you to your account information page. Click the Edit your practitioner settings button:

On the next page, scroll down until you see your practitioner availability:

Note that if you work at multiple clinics, and your schedule is changing at each one, you will need to update your schedule for each different location.

Select the the boxes next to the days of the week that you'll be working, and select the times from the boxes that have numbers in them. Below is an example of what this process looks like:

Keep in mind that this is your permanent schedule—it will be the default that shows up in your calendar, and appointments will be offered on these days and times in online bookings.

Be sure to hit the Update practitioner button to save your settings! Now your calendar will reflect the new schedule that you've set up (the white spaces mean you're available, and the light grey spaces mean you're not available):

Now you've changed your permanent schedule! 🎉 If you need to add temporary time off, you can do so by adding unavailable blocks. If you need to open up some time that you normally wouldn't be working, you can add one-off availabilities.

If you have any questions on how scheduling works or making other changes, we have some handy guides here that should help you out!

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