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Use unavailable blocks to schedule time off!

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There may be instances in which you need to take an hour (or even an entire day) for yourself—whether it be lunch, your own appointment or meeting, or just a day off! In cases like these, you'll want to set up unavailable blocks within your appointment calendar.

Unavailable blocks will allow both you and your reception staff to know, at a quick glance, whether you are or aren't available at a certain time. You can even give them titles so that it's easy to know the reason for your time away.

Schedule time off using unavailable blocks

Head to the Appointments page, and navigate to the date you wish to open up. Under Availability, click Unavailable block:

You'll notice that a yellow message appears across the top of the screen, prompting you to select a time to add it:

Click on the date and time you wish to close, and a pop-up box will appear to add the unavailable block:

The text in the "Notes" field will show up as the title of the unavailable block!

After saving, you'll see the new unavailable block show up in its designated spot (it will be grey):

That's all there is to it! If you (or anyone) clicks on the unavailable block, it will expand and you can see all of the applicable details, like this:

If you need to remove it, simply click the "Archive" button in the lower-right.

You can add as many unavailable blocks as you need! It's also useful to use unavailable blocks if you need to schedule fortnightly availabilities or a multi-day vacation.

Need to open up a spot on your calendar instead? Use one-off availabilities to do so!

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