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Add hyperlinks to email confirmations, reminders, letters, and more.

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When writing or editing something that your patient might see, you may want to include a link—to your website, your bookings page, or something else! While you can paste the full link into the text field so the patient sees the entire URL (for example,, you can also add a hyperlink (for example, this is a hyperlink to the Cliniko website). This means a portion of the text itself will be "clickable", and when clicked (or tapped/pressed, if on a mobile device), the patient will be directed to the website!

It's simple to set up—here's how.

Add hyperlinks to text

When editing your text, you'll see a "toolbar" below the text field. Note that you'll need to have the cursor "active" in the text field to see this—if you don't see the toolbar, then simply click anywhere in the text field to make the toolbar appear! Here's an example:

For adding hyperlinks, you specifically want to use the little "link" icon:

Highlight the text you want to add the hyperlink to, and then click the link icon. From there, you will be prompted to insert the link:

Press the Done button, and your link will be there (it will be indicated as underlined, coloured text):

Save, and you're all set—the patient will see a hyperlink and, when clicked, they will be brought to the URL you've pasted! 🔗

A handy trick to save a couple of clicks is to copy your URL, highlight the text, and then simply paste the link "over" the highlighted text. This will automatically place the hyperlink in the selected area!

Where can I add hyperlinks?

Hyperlinks can be added to any "rich text" field in Cliniko! Rich text means any area that supports bold text, italics, list items, etc. If there's a toolbar at the bottom, that means the text field supports "rich text" and can support a hyperlink! This includes areas such as:

SMS templates do not support hyperlinks.

Hyperlinks can make your outgoing emails look nicer, and are easy to use. 👍 Of course, if you have any questions, our support team can help!

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