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Export appointment types
Export appointment types

Export a spreadsheet that includes all of your appointment types and their related information.

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While you can see a general list of all your appointment types within the appointment types setting page, there may be times where you want to get a full overview of everything pertaining to each appointment type, such as what billable items are assigned to them, which practitioners offer them, and more. You can view this information within each appointment type's individual settings, but a faster way to see it would be via a data export—which will be easy to grab!

The appointment types export is not the same as the appointments export. That one will give you a list of all appointments that have been booked during a certain timeframe, whereas this one—the appointment types exports—is purely showing you which appointment types you have set up in your account.

Export all of your appointment types

First, head to Settings, and then Data exports:

Under Data to export, select appointment types:

To get a full list of all appointment types, you'll want to make sure that your date range is set to "Any time", meaning the date fields will be blank, as in the example below.

The reason it's good to select "Any time" to "Any time" is because the data in the export is based on when the appointment types are added to your Cliniko account. If you only selected one month, you'd get a list of any appointment types that were added during that time. "Any time" to "Any time" ensures that all appointment types are included.

Select the Export data button, and your export will appear in the list below:

When you download that and open it in a spreadsheet program, such as Excel or Numbers, the spreadsheet will include all the details about your appointment types, such as what category they fall into, their duration, which practitioners offer them, what billable items are assigned, and even what colour code is assigned to them:

This export should be helpful if you need to get all the details about your appointment types!

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