Colour coding your appointments

Give some colour to your appointments to make them stand out on your calendar!

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Cliniko gives you the ability to colour code your appointment types! This makes it easy to determine what kinds of appointments you have booked just by glancing at your calendar.

Colour code appointment types

Select any appointment type and pick a colour from the "colour picker"! ๐ŸŽจ

The combination of numbers and/or letters below the colour picker are called a "Hex" code. Hex codes are a type of "website-friendly" colour-coding system that allows you to generate every colour of the rainbow through a combination of six digits. You can fiddle with the colour picker we provide to generate your own Hex codes for your appointment types, or if you'd like to get right into it, this website is a great resource!

Click the Update appointment type button at the bottom, and you're done! You'll now be able to see a "preview" of which colour each appointment type is in the list of existing appointment types:

And your calendar will now display all of your appointment types in whatever colours you've selected!

Want to do more with appointments? Learn how to relate billable items or treatment note templates to your appointment types!

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