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Remove your business address from telehealth reminders and confirmations
Remove your business address from telehealth reminders and confirmations

If you offer telehealth appointments, you likely don't want to show your address to patients, especially if you're working from home.

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If you offer telehealth appointments from home, you probably don't want your address to show up in outgoing communications, such as confirmation emails and reminders. If you offer these appointments via online lookings, an address will be required, but you can hide it from view, meaning the patient won't see it when making their booking.

If you don't want your business address to show up in any messages, you can ensure that there is no mention of it in the relevant reminders or confirmation emails. Below, we'll walk you through the steps.

Remove your business address from reminders and confirmations

First, find the appointment type in question. You can find this via Settings, and then Appointment types:

Select the one you want from the list:

And within the settings, check to see which template(s) it's using. This can be found under the colour field, towards the bottom:

Now that you know which templates this appointment type is using, head back into Settings, and then under Communication, select Appointment confirmations or Appointment reminders (you will need to repeat this process for each template):

Select the template you want to modify:

And then look for any mention of "address" in the template (this might be via a placeholder, such as Business.FullAddress, or it might be just the address written out):

Delete that placeholder text, and save! Repeat the process for any other templates that you want the address removed from. Now, any reminders or confirmations that use these templates will not include your address.

Removing the address from the template will affect all appointment types that use this template. In the case of telehealth and at-home appointments, we suggest creating unique appointment types specifically for telehealth appointments, and setting up unique templates for those appointment types. Learn how to do that here.

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