If you offer telehealth appointments online, there's a very good chance you're offering them from your home—and you probably don't wish to display your home address to patients. You can turn off the address from any business, which means it won't be visible on your online bookings page.

☝️ Note: This feature is available on a per-business basis—so if you want to hide more than one business's address, you will need to disable it within each business's settings.

Hide your business address from online bookings (for telehealth appointments)

Head to Settings, and then Business information:

Select the business you'd like to not show the address for. Towards the bottom, make sure that Display this business's address in online bookings is turned to off:

Hit that Update business button! Now, when a patient makes an appointment at this business, they will not see the address whatsoever. You can see this in the example below, where there is no address listed under "Booking summary":

☝️ Note: Hiding the address from online bookings will not mean it's also hidden from your appointment reminders and confirmation emails. You will need to be sure to remove the address placeholder (or just have no mention of the address whatsoever) in the reminder and confirmation templates. Head over here to learn how to do that.

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