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Email telehealth appointment links to your patients
Email telehealth appointment links to your patients

Send your patients a link to their telehealth appointment.

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In order to email a telehealth appointment link to your patients, you'll want to ensure that you add the telehealth link to your appointment reminders and confirmation emails. When you do this, the patient will automatically receive a link that looks like this:

Clicking that link will take them right to their call with you!

What if my patient lost the original email and they need me to send them an actual link?

Click into the appointment and you can simply click the button to "Copy video invite":

 This will automatically copy the link to your device. You can email or text this to your patient, and they'll be able to join!

If you'd like to email the link from Cliniko, you can copy and paste it into a letter. That will let you send it right off to the patient! (You can also email the link from your own email program, as well!)

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