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Export wait list entries
Export wait list entries

Grab a list of all your wait list entries, or ones from a certain period of time.

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If you need to get a comprehensive list of your clinic's wait list history (including when a patient was added, when they expired from the list, and more), you can export it in a spreadsheet format via the Data exports section of your account!

Export wait list entries

Head to Settings, and then Data exports:

Under Data to export, select "wait list entries":

If you need to export all of your wait list entries (as opposed to ones from a specific date range, select Any time to Any time under the date range field (this will make the fields appear blank; this is okay!), as in the example below.

Click the Export data button, and your file will be generated.

Depending on how much data is in your export, it might take a few minutes to generate! You don't need to stay on this page while you waityou can navigate to somewhere else, and then come back here.

Once your export is ready, click the file name to download it:

That's it! ✨ Your resulting spreadsheet will look something like this, and will let you see when a patient was added to the waitlist, what their contact information is, and more:

If you needed guidance on how to use the wait list, head over here!

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