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Export all (and we mean ALL) of your data from Cliniko!

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Cliniko makes it really easy to get your data out. Built right into the Cliniko interface are some simple tools that will let you export any of your data with a simple click of a button!

Exporting patients is only available to administrators.

Export your data from Cliniko

Head to Settings, and then Data exports:

Select the type of data you'd like to export, as well as the date range:

If you need to export all of your data (and not just items from a specific date range, select Any time to Any time under the date range field (this will make the fields appear blank; this is okay!), as in the example below.

Click the Export data button, and your file will be generated.

Depending on how much data is in your export, it might take a few minutes to generate! You don't need to stay on this page while you waityou can navigate to somewhere else, and then come back here.

Once your export is ready, click the file name to download it:

And, that's it!  🙌 This will download your file to your your computer, and it will be in CSV format—which is a format that's very common, meaning other programs can read it! (So, if you wish to import your CSV file into another program, there's a good chance you can!)

You can also open the file in Excel to report on the data any way you want. This export is just a "snapshot" of your database, so any changes you make to it won't affect Cliniko in any way.

This also means that, in the unfortunate circumstance that you need to cancel your Cliniko account, you can easily retrieve all of your data. We wouldn't want you to go, but you can feel secure that your data always belongs to you.

🚨 IMPORTANT: If you plan to filter your results in a spreadsheet tool (such as Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets, etc.), make sure to delete the filtered rows if you're providing the file to someone else. Filtering by itself does not delete any information—it simply hides it from the current view.

Exporting Patient Files from Cliniko

Exporting patient attachments is a little different. When you select "patient attachments" as the type of export, Cliniko will generate a ZIP file for you containing all the attachments uploaded in the date range you selected, sorted in folders for each patient. ZIP files are also very common, and most computers can open them.

If you have a lot of attachments in your account, and Cliniko sees that the resulting exported file would be too large, it will split your export into multiple ZIP files. Each file will become available for download as Cliniko finishes creating it. Here you can see a large export in progress:

One file is already done, but more are being prepared. You can begin downloading the completed files without waiting for all of them do be done! And here is the same export after it has been completed:

When you delete an export that has multiple files, all of the ZIP files are deleted at once. This does not delete the original patient attachments! It's completely safe to delete an attachment export.

Removing expired data exports from Cliniko

Data exports will expire after two weeks. This means that copies of the spreadsheets you generate on this page will only be downloadable for two weeks:

This does not mean any other data gets deleted. It simply means that if you need another copy of the data you'd downloaded (i.e. "Patients"), you have to generate it again.

On the flip side, if you want to bring data into Cliniko, you can definitely do that! Read about how to import data here

Oh, and you can use the data exports to view all of your archived records, too!  

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