Set up Cliniko for Medicare claiming with Tyro Health

Get your Cliniko account set up so that you can link it up with Tyro Health (formerly Medipass) and start creating Medicare claims!

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With our integration with Tyro Health (formerly Medipass), you can process Medicare (in Australia only) and health fund claims without a physical terminal—and without ever leaving your Cliniko account! 

Getting started with Tyro Health is as easy as creating an account and adding the API key into Cliniko. The Tyro Health team will assist you with setting up your account and ensure that you and your team can start processing Medicare claims.

Once you have a Tyro Health account, there are a few recommended steps in Cliniko before you can start processing bulk and patient claims. This article will walk you through the process of:

📹 Here's a video overview of how it all works:

Read on below for the written, in-depth instructions!

Adding practitioner provider numbers

Before integrating Tyro Health with Cliniko, you'll first need to have a Tyro Health account with Medicare claiming enabled. To do this, you'll need to submit application forms to Medicare—but the Tyro Health team can help you through the entire process. 

Once you've enabled Medicare claiming on your Tyro Health account, you can now start the integration process. To begin, we'll want to make sure that every practitioner that can process Medicare claims has their provider number added to Cliniko

If you're a practitioner:

Click on My info under your name, in the lower-left of the screen:

If you're an administrator or power receptionist:

Head to Settings, and then Users & practitioners:

You'll then want to edit your settings (or the settings of the relevant practitioner):

Now you'll be in the "practitioner settings" page. At the top, you'll see a section called Reference numbers. You'll see three fields:

  • Type: the type of number you're adding.

  • Number: the actual number that you've been assigned.

  • Business: which clinic this number applies to.

Add the Medicare provider number for the practitioner (make sure it matches exactly what you see in Tyro Health). If there are multiple clinics, you'll be able to select the appropriate clinic from the Business drop-down menu:

When you're all finished, make sure to save the practitioner settings then repeat this process for any remaining practitioners who have Medicare enabled within Tyro Health

Creating Tyro Health payment types

Now that you've added the practitioner's provider numbers, you can create custom payment types for the Tyro Health integration. Payments from Tyro Health will be allocated in Cliniko according to your settings. 

To create a new payment type, head to Settings, and then Payment types:

Hit the Add payment type button:

Enter the name of your new payment type used for Medicare, and then hit that Create payment type button:

We also recommend creating a new payment type for health funds if you haven't already!

Once your new payment types have been created, you'll now want to focus on updating your billable items for patient and bulk claims. 

Setting up Medicare billable items 

The final step before connecting your Tyro Health account with Cliniko is to ensure that your billable items are ready for Medicare claiming. 

First, head to Settings, and then Billable items:

To add a new bulk billing or patient claim item, click on the Add service or Add other button:

Fill out the details for your new billable item:

Otherwise, to edit a current billable item, you'll want to select the relevant billable item name.

Any billable items used for Medicare claiming will need an item code, as in the example below.

When it comes to your billable item codes, only numbers are accepted so you’ll want to remove any letters as well as any empty spaces before or after the item code that have been added to each billable item’s item code.

Now that our provider numbers, payment types, and billable items have been set-up you can now proceed with integrating your Cliniko account with Tyro Health and start creating Medicare bulk claims and patient claims directly within Cliniko! 

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