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An overview of Medicare & Cliniko

Process Medicare claims directly from Cliniko!

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You're able to process patient claims directly through Cliniko! We've tightly integrated with Tyro Health (formerly Medipass), a digital health payment company, to provide this functionality. This article gives you a quick overview of how things work—and from here, we'll direct you towards more in-depth guides on all things Medicare!

Below, we'll briefly cover how to:

If you're more into watching things than reading them, check out the video below, which will give you a demo of how claiming works!

If you're the bookish type, we still have stuff for you, below. 👇 Read on for all things Medicare!

Integrate Cliniko with Tyro Health

Before you can process any type of Medicare claim, you'll need to sign up for a Tyro Health account—and integrate Cliniko Tyro Health. Tyro Health handles all the intensive "processing" with Medicare that occurs behind the scenes—so setting up an account with them is going to be super important!

If you haven't already, head over here to sign up for an account with Tyro Health. Their team will assist you with getting set up! 👍 Once you're all set up and ready to go, you can connect your Cliniko account to Tyro Health. Learn how to do that here!

As Tyro Health is a separate company, they do have their own fees—but Cliniko customers get a discount. If you use Cliniko and send a Medicare claim via the Tyro Health integration, this discount will automatically be applied! Learn more here.

Process patient claims

If a claim is asking for a Medicare Location ID or Minor ID, this will not be found in Cliniko. It can be found in your Tyro Health account, and they have an article about it here.

Once you're integrated with Tyro Health, you can process patient claims for Medicare! This will involve taking entire payment from the patient initially, but then processing that claim afterwards. You'll be able to view the claim's status right from the invoice, too:

We have an in-depth guide on how this works right here.

Process bulk bill claims

You'll also be able to process bulk bill claims for Medicare. You won't take a payment from the patient—rather, after you create the invoice, you'll be able to create a bulk bill claim right from the payment page:

You'll then be able to view the claim's status on the invoice:

We go through the entire process for bulk bill claiming right here.

Tyro Health offers some different plans; you'll want to ensure that you're signed up for a plan that allows for Medicare claiming. Head here to learn more about the different plans that Tyro Health offers.

If you have any questions on anything mentioned above, feel free to reach out to our support team—we're happy to help! 🤗

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